Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No Title 1.

One most always hold on, no matter what. To have good faith and hope in life. Faith is intrinsic, an active choice, not something that is simply there or not. Faith is not simply applied to belief, but is the fount of hope, like a deep spring it gives birth to it. Hope is not something of day dreams, nor a desire of the impossible. It is a grand abstract. Hope is the act of seeing the end of the storm while the wind is still blowing and the rain is still falling.

Jessica Falls 1.

“The large hourglass in the hall holds sands that when turned fall like Jessica Falls straight to the bottom until turned again. But the falls shall never rise again it is an eternal decent. Like the fallen stars blotted from reality only to live as shadows for ten thousand years, such was my Jessica’s destiny. I can speak for hours in this line, but only string puzzles. This ends like it begins; drowning in the blue blue faraway sea.
Of the blue sea I was born, spat onto the sand, lungs full of sea water, skin covered in kelp, my life struggling for air. Once a man of war but now disaster, cast away with hope passing faster than the faraway sun, I was than a dead man. Later she would tell me that the sea gave me to her, that I was a gift for her faith. Her faith that sang on even ends of joy and sadness, lifted, with tired hands, my head to the spoon and fed my heart with fire. Until her i was a dead man.

What Holds Thee To These Desert Plains.

What holds thee to these desert plains?
This land of desolate beings,
No milk or honey for thee,
Nor gossemer flowing seas
No Rosen petals for thy lips
Nor water for thy tongue
For we are half poured in the sand
My sweatest wandering one,
We can offer spit for blood
One half heart for the whole
My fractured eyes, my strength so thin
For thy most ponderous soul.

Go flee unto the hills
Beyond the toothpick forest
Unto the waterwells
And the flowers angeled chorus
Into the plastic clouds
Where heaven meant thee be.

What holds thee to these tombs?
And us their mummied cores,
No scrap of bread for thy belly,
Nor sound to lift thy ear,
No Music for thy painted feet,
Nor melody for thy tongue,
For we are all trapped
In this land of perdition.

Go flee unto the hills,
Beyond the toothpick forest,
Unto the waterwells
And the flowers angeled chorus,
Into the plastic clouds
Where heaven meant the be.

You heal in hell my darling,
A hell not meant for thee,
And these my eyes, my darling,
Take and rend from me,
So they may see the sights,
That were never meant for me

The River Song

Come, O blushing bride, to the river.
Come, o seeking hands, to find her there.

Come all who hear me calling,
Past the trees and through the glade,
To the water that is falling,
Near the ivy where you played.

Come and dance upon the current,
Blush your fingers in the stream,
Here the birds are singing fluint,
The language of the dream.

When you were young you danced with me,
you sang the songs i sung,
But now you've grown away from me,
You can not here my tongue.

Now you've grown away from me,
But i shall win you back,
Before the day you die, you'll see,
I shall win you back.

Come O blushing bride to the river,
Come hand in hand to find her there.

From Here On In.

From here on in, we'll dance the line,
We'll chase the stars that burn with time,
And bright we'll be in the new earhtsea,
Forever and ever one we'll shine.

Bright we'll dance when hope shall reign,
Eclipsed by our joy this life of pain,
And brooked shall be the great deathsea
By the love that burns all shame.